Clubs provide a world of opportunity

Senior Mina Shafi promotes the Science Honors Society at the club fair.


            With 78 unique clubs, OBHS provides all students with many opportunities to get involved, meet new people, and explore topics that interest them. If they look into the many options that are out there, students will find a large range of various groups they can join, such as service groups like Key Club, cultural clubs like Muslim Student Association, or clubs based on common interests like the Travel or Anime Clubs 

            Faculty advisor Harpreet Malhi runs the Muslims Student Association (MSA), which serves as a safe place for all student looking to learn about or practice the Muslim religion. “I joined sometime during Freshman year,” stated sophomore Misbah Sayed. “I wasn’t interested in any other clubs but when I saw Muslim Student Association, I wanted to learn more about my religion, make new friends, and catch up on prayers.”  

            Students who are not Muslim are encouraged to join the club if they enjoy learning about different religions and backgrounds. “People should join if they’re interested in learning about a different faith,” said Malhi. “Kids from all over the world are sharing their cultures.”  

Senior Alexander Hage shows off his guitar skills, while informing senior Sergio Olivares about Guitar Club.

            The Travel Club also allows students to learn about other cultures by traveling virtually anywhere in the world. “I want the club to be a safe space for people,” Veronica Manevich shared. “It unites our differences more and it makes our school more united. I think people should join our club because I think travelling is fun and people would enjoy it.”  

            The goal for the Travel Club is for students to visit countries and museums virtually, try new foods from the countries they learn about, and learn about the heritage of the country. “It’s a way for students who have a love of travel to meet other students, make friends, and learn about new backgrounds at no cost,” faculty advisor Patricia Olsen added.  

Senior Tiffany Yang presents the advantages of joining the Asian American Club to students at the club fair.

            Cartoon and Anime Club allows students to share their love of their favorite shows and entertainment, including from other countries.  The main goal of the club is “to help people not feel alone in their interests,” club founder Sara Bakst said. “The best thing about the club is the diversity.”  

            In Key Club, students can take part in volunteering opportunities while earning service hours and positively impact the community. “The goal of Key Club is to provide students with opportunities to give back to the community through service and leadership,” Key Club advisor Brittany Bennett shared. Key Club’s service projects range from raising awareness regarding diseases to recycling projects.  

            Additionally, Key Club is a place to make connections and have a positive impact. “Through Key Club, I met new friends and ventured outside of my comfort zone,” shared senior Celeste Zagorin. “Key Club is a great place to meet new people and participate service that benefits both our community and the state of New Jersey.”  

Junior Liliana Rubiera talks to junior Makenzie Dunleavy about Yearbook program, which includes introductory and advanced classes in addition to the opportunity to contribute without taking the class.

            The school also features a Physics Club. “The club’s goal is to get kids to see that physics can be fun and for kids to explore how the world works through different experiments,” said senior Ryan Sollecito.  

            The Physics club is primarily driven by its members and allows students to figure things out and explore the world of physics. “People should join our club so they can experience different things and have fun with different projects and experiments,” Sollecito explained.  

            These are just some of the amazing found at Old Bridge High School. Check out the club list to see them all! 

Posted on 1/25/23 

Photos by Albert DeCandia

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