Celebrating the Chinese New Year 

Patrick Chuah and Charlene Leung demonstrate their skill with diabolos, commonly knows as Chinese yo-yos.


            On February 3, the Chinese Honors Society hosted a Lunar New Year Gala where students came together to celebrate the upcoming year together and share food, music, and performances. 

            Food offered in the cafeteria included a wide variety of Asian foods, such as noodles, rice, tofu, duck, dumplings, and more.  “I liked trying the different cultural foods, and it was great,” said junior Sharan Minhas. “There were so many options.”  

            The night went on to showcase performances from members of CHS in the auditorium. “I thought it was interesting, and it was something that I’ve never seen before,” junior Julia Mele said. “I didn’t realize how differently people celebrate the new year.”   

Phoenix Boba and Chijindu Emeh welcome the guests to the Lunar New Year Event.

            Clarissa Wang, Linda Portocarrero, Patrick Chuah, and Xavier Medalle demonstrated a cultural dance in lion costumes.  “Although this was my first time performing, I thought it was a lot of fun!” said Wang, a junior. “Everyone who danced had a great time.”   

            “The dance symbolizes good luck, strength, prosperity,” said Tiffany Yang, a board member and performer. Tiffany danced in the performances that followed the lion dance, including the “Mang Zhong” dance, which she led. 

            Members of CHS put a lot of work into the preparation of the event. “My friend happened to suggest doing the lion dance, and we practiced after school for the past two weeks performing before the event,” Wang added. “On practice days, we would use a video tutorial to practice how the movements worked.”   

Clarissa Wang, Linda Portocarreo, Patrick Chuah, and Xavier Medalle perform a cultural dance in lion costumes.

            Rafaella Bagacaya also performed a Ballet Dance that incorporated traditional fans and props. “Performers took a while to come up with or make the remixes/music for their dances,” Bagacaya said. “We’re glad our hard work paid off in the end.” 

            Another highlight of the evening was when Harlow Matara, Patrick Chua, and Charlene Leung performed an act with diabolos, commonly known as Chinese Yoyos. “It was fun to perform, and it was cool to help share the Chinese culture,” Matara shared. 

            Members of the club also sang songs, recited poems, and explained the history of the Lunar New Year. Overall, the new year started with a hit!  

Posted on 3/6/23

Photos by Ritee Karmacharya

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