Tomorrow’s Chefs master the kitchen

Freshman Prachi Naser enjoys the chocolate lava muffins she worked hard to bake with her friends after school.


            When appetizing aromas waft down the hallway, students know Tomorrow’s Chefs Club is in session. On the last Tuesday of every month, the club meets to share their interest in cooking.  

            The eclectic group contributes to each palate pleasing recipe with a passion for presentation, taste, and of course, eating. “I take a class called Culinary Arts,” shared junior Alexa Milton-Rodriguez. “I found out about the club through the posters around the school.”  

            Culinary Arts teachers Michelle George and Karen Schaeffer offer a creative way for students to improve their skills beyond the Culinary Arts class while having fun. “Our goal for Tomorrow’s Chefs Club is to teach students how to cook, whether they want to be chefs or just want to have fun,” explained George.  

            The club meets after school from two to four. In those two hours, the students learn the ins and outs of the kitchen and how to excel in the professional food industry. “The club taught me that to cook and bake well, you have to be patient and follow the recipe step by step,” said Debra Ashilley.  

            Tomorrow’s Chefs Club requires the members to communicate and collaborate with others to create the best experience possible. “Everyone likes to add their own twist to the recipe, which prevents the food from tasting bland,” said Rin Naser. 

Sophomore Madison Feeney combines the ingredients they need to mix while Emily Marrero looks on.

            After the food is made, the members of the club sit down and enjoy their creations. Last meeting, the members made chocolate lava muffins. Each member ate three. “My favorite dish I made in Tomorrow’s Chefs Club was the chocolate lava muffins,” Te’ata Byrd shared. “They were so easy and so fun to make.”  

            The students have so far made pasta, cookies, and chocolate lava muffins. The club welcomes all students free of charge, whether they take Culinary Arts or not. Students must scan a QR code to sign up for each meeting.  

Posted on 3/16/23 

Photos by Tomi Komolafe and Sara Buckalew 

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