Talented teens entertain at Talent Show

Senior Anthony Margiotto, who won first place at the show, practices his piano performance of “Clocks” by Coldplay.


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            On February 22, students of all grades took to the stage to execute their skills in the annual Talent Show. While the majority of the acts featured singing or piano playing, the show also included dance, color guard, and band performances. 

            Senior Anthony Margiotto, took home first place for his piano performance, Clocks. “I was honestly very surprised that I had won but was still very excited to find out,” Margiotto shared. 

            Kayla Castillo won second place and Gianna Blamer won third. Castillo, the only freshman at the show, performed a piano piece titled “Clair De Lune,” vocalized, “The highlight of the night was telling my piano instructor the news and hearing her expression over the phone. She seemed so excited and glad that I placed in the show.” 


            Junior Gianna Blamer, who sang “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, made her second appearance in the Talent show after bowling in a State Finals match that afternoon. “Last year I didn’t place at all, so this year felt like a huge improvement to me,” stated Blamer. “I didn’t care about the prize, I just cared about giving everyone a good time!” 

Junior Isacc Goldin, rhythm guitarist for the band Apocalypse, performs their new song, “Better Dead than Red.”

            Another act previously performed at last year’s show. The band Apocalypse, which includes sophomores Nicholas Cleary and Nathan Pitts, junior Isacc Goldin and senior George Gutz, made their grand return to the stage with their new single, “Better Dead Than Red.” “I felt at home on stage,” said Cleary, the drummer. “It’s my favorite thing in the world to play music in front of people, especially our first original song.” 

            In addition, fans in the crowd wore the band’s merch in support. Nicholas Cleary expressed, “It’s the best and most humbling feeling in the world seeing all those people who spent their own money to wear our logo and support us.”  

            Junior Class Advisor Jessica Tosonotti, who also works on the Fall Comedies and Spring Musicals, planned the event with her co-advisor Matthew Donaghue. “It was a great night,” Tosonotti said. “My personal favorite part was watching all of our performers share their talents with us and watching their faces light up as the audience cheered them on.” 

Senior Mackenzie McGowan practices playing “Falling” by Harry Styles on the ukulele during the dress rehearsal.

            The faculty judges included Nicole Czysz, Brittany Fuentes, Cheryl Mackey, Nicole Mondano, and Liz Todaro. “Each one of the judges had a score sheet for each performance- costume, stage presence, creativity were some of the categories,” explained Fuentes. 

            The audience filled the auditorium with applause for each performance. Sophomore Juliana Rivoli attended the event and exclaimed, “The talent show was amazing this year, and the performances were incredible as always.”  

Posted on 3/20/23 

Photos by Natalie Goldberg

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