Soul Food draws record turnout

Jordon Redford, Dwight Martin, Aaliyah Aminu, and Jordyn Oliver react to some of the dancing at the event.


            The Black Student Union hosted their annual Soul Food festival on February 22 in the main cafeteria from 2-4pm. Soul Food brings together students to celebrate Black culture through food, music, and dance.  

            The cultural food, such as mac n cheese, greens, fried chicken, yams, peach cobbler, and ice cream, was the main feature and attraction of the event. “The food at Soul Food was a 10/10,” stated Joana Junaid. “The mac and cheese was so good; it was the best part.”  

            Some foods, such as the mac n cheese and greens were catered and delivered to the school, while students made some items themselves. “The peach cobbler was homemade by me, so I brought it to the school, and the ice cream was picked up from Friendly’s,” explained Nicole Foye. 

Ziporah Ntim, Mitziany Marin, and Joana Junaid perform in front of the Soul Food crowd as part of the Step Team.

            In honor of Decade Day, guests dressed in Soul Train-themed attire and arrived to discover a beautifully decorated cafeteria with BSU members ready to serve the savory foods. “For the setting up process, we had the board members and members of BSU set up, and each person was assigned a food station or a station at the door,” said BSU member Nicole Foye.  

            Because of the huge crowd last year, club members expected a big turnout. Students had to purchase tickets in advance to get a clear headcount, and the event planners capped sales at 300 tickets. “This was the biggest turn out we’ve had in the 4 years I’ve been at OBHS so I’m very proud of myself and the board,” said BSU member Chijindu Emeh.  

Ehinomen Odion serves yams to Oladimeji Odumbo.

            “There was absolutely no food left over because we let anyone who wanted could get seconds,” declared Chijindu Emeh. The success of the event will allow the BSU to put the money towards events and scholarships to reward the members for their hard work. 

            A crowd surrounded the performers as the Step Team owned the floor. “It was kind of scary, but I knew my girls and I had it down,” said Chelsey Duah Step Team member. “So, all my anxiety left as soon as I saw Step perform, we did it, got it over with, and the crowd loved it.”   

Amadi Kallon, Aaliyah Williams, Xuraya Boykins, and Nicole Foye lead the Step Team performance.

            The event featured performances from both the Step and Afrobeat Teams. “Performing was very nerve wrecking but because I was with people I love and care about, it was easier on me. Not only that, but they made it more enjoyable!” Afrobeat dancer Zaraa Aminu stated. 

            The performances made a memorable mark and something guests would never forget. “My favorite part of Soulfood was watching everyone come together to enjoy good food, listen to great music, and watch performances from OB’s very own Afrobeat and Step team!” guest Darriyah Jackson exclaimed.  

Roginey LaFortune, Jayden Junaid, Farida Allam, Joheidy Puente, and Jordyn Oliver perform with the Step team.

            Black Student Union’s 2023 Soulfood event was the biggest turnout yet. Over 300 students came together to celebrate black culture and pride during national Black History Month. From delicious food and drinks to cultural performances by the Step and Afrobeat Teams, it was truly another remarkable event. 

Posted on 3/21/23 

Photos by Isabelle Marmara

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