The Drama Program Presents: Something Rotten

Brother Jeremiah, played by sophomore Meghan Valanzola, expresses his distaste for musicals to Nick Bottom, played by freshman Camryn Burniston.


            Something Rotten, this spring’s theatrical production, will be hosted on March 23, 24, and 25 in the auditorium. The musical, set during the Renaissance period, will feature 42 cast members portraying well-known figures, as well as other characters, of the time period.  

            The musical required a long and substantial preparation process. “There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, and the directors are doing the best they can to encourage everyone to do their best!” Sam Tropea, who portrays a fortune teller named Nostradamus, shared. “I can really see this starting to shape up.”

            The large cast rehearses for over 15 hours a week. “From [rehearsals] from 2:30-5 [every day] to our upcoming sitzprobe and dress rehearsals, our preparation process has been extensive,” explained Meghan Valanzola, who plays the character Brother Jeremiah, a puritan leader. “The cast, crew and directors [have] been working extremely hard to make this show the best it can be!” 

Freshman Landon Moscariello sings the opening number, “Welcome To the Renaissance,” to provide exposition for the play.

            Each of the cast members has worked hard to express themselves and their characters through acting. “I’ve been focusing on building the little nuances of the character herself while also trying to put some of myself and my personality into the character and just finding that balance to bring the character to life,” divulged Makenzie McGowan, who plays Bea Bottom, the main character’s wife.  

            Camryn Burniston, who plays Nick Bottom, a struggling playwright, in the show, earned a lead role in his second play already in his freshman year. “I love having the opportunity to portray different characters and bring their personalities to life onstage, hopefully entertaining people and giving happiness in their lives,” Burniston shared. 

Portia, played by junior Emily Stein, shares her love of theatre with her love interest Nigel Bottom, played by junior Noah Feldman.

            The long hours of rehearsal and preparation led to strong bonds created amongst cast members. “I love being able to express myself through performing, and I also love being able to spend time with such an incredible cast!” commented Emily Stein, who plays the role of Portia. 

            The musical has created an accepting and supportive atmosphere among the cast and crew. “I love being with my friends and being on stage. It’s so great when I can do a scene and really make people feel something,” shared Noah Feldman, who portrays a poet named Nigel Bottom. 

            The cast is optimistic that all their work and effort will pay off with their performance. “I’ll probably feel nervous but also excited,” noted Charlotte Hankenson, who is playing Lord Clapham, a patron for shows. “There’s usually a lot of adrenaline on opening night!” 

            You can purchase tickets for $10 in room 601 or at the door for the 7pm shows on March 23. 24, and 25. Don’t be rotten; attend the musical! 

Posted on 3/23/23 

Photos by Olivia Van Deursen

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