FHS brings Mardi Gras to OBHS

Junior Anson Pollock attempts to bounce a ping pong ball into into a cup in a game of cup pong.


            On Tuesday, February 28, the French Honors Society and other attendees gathered in the main building cafeteria to rejoice over the French holiday, Mardi Gras, and experience French foods and fun activities. 

             French Honors Society members worked diligently to provide authentic foods, such as quiche, and fun activities to replicate the Mardi Gras celebration that occurs every year in France. “Mardi Gras is traditionally celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It marks the beginning of Spring and is a day filled with parades, music, costumes, and lots of food,” FHS Vice President Aamani Dhingra shared.  

            Various desserts and sugary sweets, such as freshly made crepes with fruit, cupcakes, and colorful macarons, covered the table where students eagerly waited in line to fill their plates. “I liked preparing the cupcakes,” said Sandeep Kaur, President of FHS. “Two of them were filled with caramel to symbolize the King Cake tradition on Mardi Gras. Traditionally, if someone finds a small plastic baby in the king cake, they are declared “King” for the day.” 

            A highlight of the event was the entertainment. A cup pong table set in the back of the cafeteria attracted the attendees, and students played cup pong competitively. A photobooth with decorative, amusing masks gathered friends and strangers. “My favorite part of the event was taking pictures with the masks at the photo area with many people,” Kendra Cruz-Riano expressed.  

Isabella Walsh and Kendra Cruz-Riano enjoy their baguettes, one of the various types of French food offered at the event.

            Near the end of the event, the attendees, club members, and board members gathered to take pictures to remember this festivity. “I was extremely happy with all the students who attended the event. It was nice to see them come out to support us and celebrate Mardi Gras with us,” Dhingra recalled. “All the students who showed up were very enthusiastic and I was happy to see them taking pictures with the props and enjoying the food and games.”  

            Overall, the event was a success and allowed students to experience French cuisine and a popular French tradition together. “I think I learned that Mardi Gras is a celebration about getting together and I really appreciated seeing my friends again, even meeting new people, too,” Isabella Walsh said.  

Posted on 3/27/23 

Photos by Kamishka Grover

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