World Class Percussion

Seniors Amelia Gillick and Alisa Yurevich play the cymbal during the Home show on March 11.


            The high level of performance and continued success of the Indoor Percussion team have earned them a promotion from Open Class to World Class. With a streak of first-place finishes already achieved, the members have their eyes set on earning championships at the highest level in the coming month. 

            The team started the season strong, with first place finishes in all three competitions in February, including the Winter Guard International Regional Competition on February 26 where the team scored an 86.05. ““It was a lot of fun to go out to Trumbull for my last time,” senior Zachary Mondano explained. “It’s always such a great time since it’s the first WGI show of the year.” 

            Following additional first place finishes in a Mid-Atlantic Percussion Society Competition on March 4 and a USBANDS Home Show on March 11, where the team scored 88.05, the team received the honor of moving from Open Class to World Class, the highest grouping. “A group is moved up to world class when they are deemed by WGI to be good enough both visually and musically to be considered one of the best in the country,” sophomore William Rahner explained. 

Sophomore Braeden Appleton, senior Sara Brennan, eighth grader Reed Nocera, and senior Yusef Shehat raise their drumsticks.

            Still riding high from the reclassification, the team headed to WGI Regionals on March 18 to perform in front of a huge crowd. “It was a great time and our last WGI shows before Dayton,” Mondano commented. “It was also our first show since being bumped up to World Class, so we were looked at by a lot of people.” 

            “We have a great crowd to perform to, and hearing so many people yell and cheer for us hypes everyone up,” senior Sara Brennan said. The higher classification means more attention and bigger crowds. “My favorite part of the competition might have been right before we performed,” Brennan added. “I got the entire crowd to do the wave, and I thought it was so cool.” 

The entire team performs at the USBANDS Home Show on March 11.

            The Knights were actually the only World Class team in the competition, so they were already assured of a first place finish, but they used it as an opportunity to improve with their eyes set on winning the WGI World Championship at the end of the month in Ohio. “It was a great time and our last WGI shows before Dayton”, senior Zachary Mondano commented. 

Sophomore Braeden Appleton, senior Sara Brennan, and eighth grader Reed Nocera play their snare drums.

            The team continued to excel and scored their highest rating so far this year, 89.25. “Since we got bumped up to World Class, I had a huge rush of excitement and energy at our last competition,” Brennan said. “We have way more people talking and watching Old Bridge perform, so our lots and performances are so fun.” 

            The team has already performed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut this year, with trips to Pennsylvania and the WGI World Championships in Ohio still to come. “It’s a lot of fun because we get to meet new people wherever we go,” senior Sara Paul said. 

Sophomore Aaron Hernandez and freshman Angus Walker play their base drums.

            The high-level competition as the team heads to MAPS Prelims this weekend to qualify for a spot in the MAPS Championship on April 15 and, eventually, WGI Championships on April 19, brings mixed emotions for the members. “Personally, I feel a little nervous going into the last month of competitions, especially since we got moved up to world class,” Rahner said. “But I also feel confident in our group’s ability to compete with other World Class groups.” 

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Posted on 3/29/23 

Photos by Chantal Torchia

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