New club promotes STEM for women

Members of the Society of Woman Engineers Club pose for a picture at one of their meetings.


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            The Society of Womens Engineers is the world’s largest organization for women’s engineering, which includes all STEM-related work fields. SWE is one of the many female-focused clubs, such as Girls Who Code and Women Empowering Women, that have recently made their mark here at OBHS. 

            In SWE, students get the opportunity to attend virtual Student Organized Workshops.  “As President of the Club, I spearhead initiatives like our workshop series, share engineering resources and opportunities with members, and lead our meetings every month,” shared Kayva Venkatesan, who recently earned National Honorable Mention honors for Aspirations in Computing from the National Center for Women in Technology. 

            The club provides workshops every few months, which cover a variety of STEM related fields, internships, Swarm Intelligence Research, and much more. “The virtual workshops are an opportunity for SWE members to share what they are currently interested in with our school,” explained member Juliet Matara, “There have been two so far, and [they] have all been very fascinating to listen in on.”  

President Kavya Venkatesan speaks with a NASA Engineer who worked on the Artemis Missions in a zoom meeting earlier this year.

            On February 22, officers of SWE planned the Engineering Week Panel, where OBHS Alumni came to speak about college admissions, STEM careers and majors, and more. “We have also had an Engineering Week Panel, which featured some inspiring women majoring in engineering!” shared Membership Vice President Anika Dugal, an Affiliate Rising Star for Aspirations in Computing. 

            While anyone can join the club, it is run by and focused on female students with an interest in STEM careers. “I joined SWE because I wanted to become more involved in after-school activities, and it perfectly aligned with what I was interested in,” Matara shared. 

Junior Anika Dugal, who serves as Outreach Committee Member, asks biology teacher Chantal Torchia for help on an assignment.

            In May, the club plans to host a Hackathon, an afterschool coding workshop and competition where students can win prizes. Member Beatrice Geldenberg explained, “The president is planning a school hackathon to promote computer science and innovation.” 

            Students interested in joining or learning more about the club can reach out to advisor Vito Cangelosi or follow their Instagram page at @swe_obhs for more information. 

Posted on 4/14/23

Photos provided by Kayva Venkatesan and Natalie Goldberg

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