AP Fair provides student insight

Ashley Chan, the organizer of the AP Course Fair, informs Jayden Junaid about the AP Classes.


            The Advanced Placement course fair took place during lunch periods on February 23. The event offered students an opportunity to gather information and advice about AP classes from students currently enrolled in the courses.  

            The event helped students understand what each class is like. “The whole idea of the AP course fair is to get the student perspective of what taking the course is like,” said Ashley Chan the organizer of the AP Course Fair. “Honestly, hearing it from a student is very different than hearing it from a teacher.”

            Hopefully, the AP Course Fair helped students decide if the courses available are right for them. “I remember making my schedule last year and almost not taking [AP English Lit] because I wasn’t sure what it entailed,” Mikayla Stepper stated. “I wanted to be the person to help juniors and answer their questions.”

            Although talking AP classes have many advantages, students need to know what to expect. “When taking an AP class, the biggest expectation is that you can keep up with the coursework,” said Snigdha Kandula, who represented AP US History. “There are many assignments, and you often go through chapters quickly, so you must be able to study on your own.” 

Senior Charli Tucker stands by her AP European History display, ready to tell underclassmen what the class is like.

            While these classes look good on students’ college applications, students who take them must be ready to work “It is hard,” said Stepper. “It’s a lot of reading and reading slowly and understanding and remembering details that put the rest of the text in context.”

            AP classes provide opportunities for students to develop their abilities and tap into new skills. “I’d definitely recommend taking any AP that you can or you’re interested in because it really is beneficial to challenge yourself,” explained Chan. “You learn a lot of critical thinking skills, a lot of skills, and how to manage your time.”

            These classes also teach students how to challenge themselves. “I love Mr. Lanzafama’s class, and I think people who are willing to push themselves and try should take the course,” Stepper stated.   

            AP classes also help students outside of the classroom. “I was able to teach kids in China English over the quarantine,” said Fatima Sayed, who represented Mandarin Chinese as the fair. “I also won an award for entering a contest.”

Senior Emily Walz, who is enrolled in four AP courses, checks out the display for AP Chemistry.

            Ultimately, by doing well on the AP tests, students can earn college credits while still in high school. “Mrs. Blasco prepares her students adequately and gives them a lot of study material before tests/quizzes,” said Julia Reste, who represented AP Government and Politics. “She well-equipped us for the AP exam too!”

            Even though the classes are difficult, the teachers get students through it “The teacher is really accommodating, so if you have any questions, you could obviously ask her,” Fatima said. “she helps you with pronunciation and stuff like that.”

            With the insight they gained at the AP Course Fair, students should be able to accurately decide which classes are right for them. 

Posted on 4/28/23

Photos by Salome Khorava

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