From Nimes to New Jersey

Mariam Ghattas serves as a teleprompter by holding up a computer for the Foreign Exchange students doing karaoke.


            Students from Nimes, France visited Old Bridge High School recently to experience life in America as part of the Foreign Exchange Program.  

            The students got to see the differences in small everyday activities and learn about each others’ lives. “Even driving to school was fun because my student would show me different French music she liked to listen to, and she would tell me about her life and friends back in France,” explained Mariam Ghattas, who hosted one of the visiting students.  

            The French experienced an American school day for part of their trip. “They were able to get the experience of the A and B days at our school” explained Ava Gross. In France, they have longer class periods and can leave campus on their break, similar to college classes in America.

Julia Mikucki, Natalie Mikucki, Julia Morgan, and Stephen Deak watch as the exchange students perform.

            The French Club and the exchange students prioritized making fun memories during the visit. “We went golfing at Top Golf, out to eat at Ganga and Arirang, visited Princeton University, baked a cake, and visited New York City!” shared Mary Rozek.  

            To end their 9-day trip, the OBHS French students planned a Potluck to bid their friends goodbye. The event provided different foods and drinks for everyone. “We all had an amazing time, both French and American students were singing all night,” Gross said.  

            This program allowed students to create lifelong connections with people they would not have met in normal circumstances. “My exchange students got along with all my friends, and they continued to talk to them throughout their stay and even after they’ve gone back home to France,” Gross shared.  

French exchange students rap a song in French while performing Karaoke at the Pot Luck event.

            The French foreign exchange trip served as a great way for OBHS’s French Club to create more memories with their oversea friends. 

Posted on 5/23/23

Photos by Abigail Persaud

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