AHS connects with Carpenter club

Harley DaSilva, Ryan Nicolas and Amaris Altu answer questions the students have about the presentation.

Natalie Goldberg

Clubs Editor 

            The Animal Humane Society brought pet lovers by taking a trip to M Scott Carpenter Elementary School. The club members who participated in the trip worked with members of the elementary school’s Animal Club on April 28. 

            AHS members spoke to third graders about the importance of animal safety. “From the trip, I learned more about animals,” Markella Greiss expressed. “My favorite part is that I got to teach little kids things that I didn’t know when I was their age.”’ 

            Retired Salk teacher Susan Klein brought in her dog, Tanner, for the students to interact with. “We had the therapy dog come in to help demonstrate the concepts discussed,” Ellis Davies shared. 

Safija Shatku pets Susan Klein’s dog, Tanner, as she brings the dog to meet the students.

            The lesson AHS created engaged and intrigued the students at Carpenter. “When they first saw us and the Service dog, they were nervous, but, after a few minutes in each group, they warmed up and really loved learning about proper ways to take care of animals,” Skylar Wyandt stated.

            AHS allows students to participate in projects related to animals. “The club is for students interested in helping animal shelters,” explained Laura Laubach, one of the advisors of AHS.  

            Throughout the year, the board assembled to plan fundraisers, food drives, donations and more. “So far, we had a fundraiser for our local animal shelter. We collected things like bottle caps, baby blankets, cat and dog food, paper towel etc,” Social Media Chairperson Sara Young said. 

Bailey Scanlon, Yania Berry, and Stephanie Rigler chat and laughs while they talk to the students.

            Most members have contributed to the club in a variety of ways. “I have helped in making toys, adoption cards, and came up with ideas for future projects,” Freshman Amaris Altu shared. 

            Club members took pride in all that they accomplished throughout the year. “My favorite thing about being in the Animal Humane Society is the chance to have a positive impact on the community,” announced Davies. 

            Some members of AHS do not own pets themselves but care deeply for animals. “My favorite part is probably educating myself on how to properly treat and take care of animals especially since I don’t have any animals of my own,” Ryan Nicolas shared. “Also making items for animals in shelters like dog toys or catnip pouches is another one of my favorites.” 

            To get involved with fellow pet lovers and those interested in the Animal Humane Society, contact Mrs. Laubach or follow their Instagram page at @ob_animal.humane.society.  

Posted on 5/24/23

Photos by Isabelle Marmara

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