Student Life

Junior cheerleaders become World Champions 

Kennedy Rhodes flies in the air during her routine in front of the 2023 Worlds sign.

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Senior Sages: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Student Survey: How do you feel about the AP exams?

Student Survey: What is your favorite class?

Senior Sages: What advice would you give underclassmen about managing athletics and academics?

Student Survey: What electives do you plan to take next year?

Students get in the Halloween spirit

Mckenzie Cuffie focuses on her English work despite being in full corpse bride costume.

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  • Senior advisors, Mr. Alspach and Ms. Tuckman come together to take a picture

The budding career of Mikayla Huff

Mikayla Huff, who sings and writes her own songs in addition to modeling, poses singing into a microphone for a photo.

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Homegrown rockstars take the stage

Isaac Goldin, Nicholas Cleary, Nathan Pitts and Daniel Goldin jam out at their first public performance at the OBHS Talent Show.

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Sophomore represents USA on National U19 cricket team

The USA U19 team poses together with the trophy after winning the series 3-1.

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