Bingo Night hits again

BY OLIVIA VAN DEURSEN             On Thursday, September 29, students came out to the first Bingo Night of the year to spend time with friends and classmates and try to win some prizes.             Lori Obdyke, faculty advisor for the Student Senate, organized the event and called out the numbers. “I love to watch theContinue reading Bingo Night hits again

Bingo Night is back and better than ever

BY RYAN CONN & HAYAT AYDIN              Featuring OBHS’s first “bingo-off”, Bingo Night returned bigger and better than ever on January 20. Held in the main cafeteria, this event left people filled with joy and excitement for the next one.              Many of the students who attended had also gone to the first Bingo Night,Continue reading “Bingo Night is back and better than ever”