Clubs provide a world of opportunity

BY ALBERT DECANDIA AND SAISHA DAVE              With 78 unique clubs, OBHS provides all students with many opportunities to get involved, meet new people, and explore topics that interest them. If they look into the many options that are out there, students will find a large range of various groups they can join, such asContinue reading “Clubs provide a world of opportunity”

A slice of France

BY SALOME KHORAVA AND JAYDEN JUNAID               On Friday December 16, the French club hosted their 10th annual Buche de Noel baking contest. Twenty-five students participated by Buche de Noel, which is French for “log of Christmas,” a French cake that is rolled with frosting inside.               French Club advisor Madame Malhi explained the popularityContinue reading “A slice of France”

Business leaders of OBHS 

BY NATALIE GOLDBERG  Clubs Editor              Future Business Leaders of America features over 100 members in the Old Bridge chapter. The club welcomes students who have an interest in business and helps them prepare for potential future work.               The Vice President of the club, junior Anika Dugal, also serves as Vice President of MembershipContinue reading “Business leaders of OBHS “

Festival of Lights in the courtyard

BY RITEE KARMACHARYA AND SAISHA DAVE               Diwali, South Asia’s biggest and most important holiday of the year, is a festival of lights where friends and family come together to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. The Asian American Club organized a festival after school where members of the club, along with friends gatheredContinue reading “Festival of Lights in the courtyard”

BC2M Club opens a new chapter of mental health awareness

BY KATELYN BUCHALTER and DANIELLA BOROVSKAIA               As students dive further into the school year, club programs are on the rise.  Bring Change to Mind focuses on spreading awareness and educating people about the importance of mental health among teens.               The leaders of the new OBHS chapter of BC2M hope to change any prejudiceContinue reading “BC2M Club opens a new chapter of mental health awareness”